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3D Nesting
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Magics Smart Space: 3D Nesting Based on Part Geometry

The Magics Smart Space module enables optimal loading for your sintering machine, and is fast and easy to use.
The software automatically nests your parts in 3D, and, by analyzing the part geometry, it maximizes the number of parts in the build envelope while simultaneously minimizing the build time.

Magics Smart Space offers you the best solution for part nesting:

Pack it SMART! Save Material And Reduce Time

Save time in optimising your platform
Minimise powder consumption
Lower your production costs
Reduce production time
Automatically reduce build height to its absolute minimum
Avoid collisions and interlocking situations through built-in intelligence
Maximise the number of parts in the build envelope
Maximise machine productivity 


SmartSpace gets the most out of your 3DP equipment

How can Magics Smart Space help you to get the most out of your 3DP machine?

Research taught us that using Magics Smart Space you could improve the working of your machine significantly. Magics Smart Space packs more parts on the platform, reduces build height and time compared to the standard machine software. And this yields good money! For instance: you can save about 30% on material and about 15% on build time compared to using the standard machine software. You've earned back your investment in Magics Smart Space after less than 20 platforms (module bought on top of your existing Magics license). 


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Last modified: June 18, 2013